Welcome back

Welcome to the restructured  and re tasked learn grow

LearnGrow was established originally as a technical consulting firm serving primarily small and medium sized businesses.  the web site was originally established  to provide information about the company and to provide a means for its clients and interested parties to communicate with the company, in general and me, specifically. 

Like many things, it started out well, the company grew fast and we had many customers and clients. but as with many circumstances, things and circumstances change and sadly. I didn’t keep pace with the times  and adapt to those circumstances this was a huge mistake as the companies  fortunes ( and mine ) declined  and there were the usual things that occur when this happen namely , spiraling declines, depression and frustration. 



Time for a reboot. 

If you’re still reading this at this point, you have my thanks. and if you can do me a small favor — check back periodically and see how the company  ( and myself) will begin to “Learn and grow ” again.


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